The voice of the European card-based payments industry

The voice of the European card-based payments industry

Payments Europe is an association of global and European card-based payment solutions providers created to strengthen the voice of the industry.

Payments Europe is an association of global and European card-based payment solutions providers created to strengthen the voice of the industry.

Value to consumers

Flexibility and convenience

Security and fraud protection

Ability to pay everywhere in the world

Chargebacks and purchase protections

Access to credit

Value to merchants

Increased sales

Guaranteed payment

Enabling new and cross border sales channels

Improving back office and financial efficiencies

Support the fight against fraud

Value to society

Financial inclusion

Reduce the shadow economy and increase government revenues

Enable open competition

Increase transparency

Reduce money laundering and other criminal activity

Payments Europe aims to stimulate a dynamic, competitive and consumer-centric European payments landscape

The European payments landscape has experienced a profound transformation in recent years driven by technological innovation, consumer demand and regulatory developments. Most consumers and businesses now have access to multiple payment methods, but card-based payments are often the preferred choice due to the great value it brings. Card-based payment solutions come in many forms including plastic cards, online payments and mobile applications. Payments Europe supports a vibrant, innovative, and competitive European payments market, that is based on a balanced regulatory framework and puts consumers and consumer protection at the centre.

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Our mission & vision

To raise awareness about the value of the card-based payments industry and its role within the wider payments ecosystem

To promote the interests of card-based payment solutions providers

To encourage a vibrant, competitive and consumer-centric European payments market, based on a well calibrated regulatory framework

Act as a platform for payment solution providers to be informed about, exchange views on and jointly contribute to relevant EU policy and legislation


  1. The issuer offers the consumer a debit, credit or prepaid account with card.
  2. The consumer uses the card to buy products and services.
  3. The transaction is submitted to the retailer’s acquirer, who in turn submits it to the consumer’s issuer.
  4. The issuer authenticates and approves the transaction and transfers amount to the acquirer.
  5. The acquirer transfers amount to the retailer.
Position Papers

Open Finance Framework

Payments Europe’s response to the European Commission’s consultation on the Proposal for an Open Finance Framework    Key takeaways Consumers must be given control over

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Position Papers

Instant Payments

Payments Europe supports a European payments market where all payment instruments are treated equally from a regulatory point of view. The choice about which payment instrument to use should sit with end-users, and regulators should allow for payment instruments to compete in a regulatory- neutral framework.

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Our members are card issuers, card acquirers, card schemes and other stakeholders that offer card-based payment solutions, active throughout Europe. Find out why should you become a member today here.



The main governing body is the General Assembly.


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