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Why should you become a member today?​

1. Help your business to anticipate by staying up to date with the latest EU policy & legislation

Receive up-to-date information on EU developments, activities, and events relevant to the sector in weekly reports such as PSD2, the Interchange Fee Regulation, the EU Retail Payments Strategy, and many more

2. Help to shape EU policies that matter to you:

Take part in our internal working groups to help shape policies together with your peers by participating to position papers, public consultations and by attending meetings with EU policymakers and the media

3. Support the value of card-based payment solutions:

Engage with key European stakeholders through Payments Europe to advocate for the value card-based payment solutions bring to consumers, merchants, and society

4. Access to a global network:

Access a global network of payments experts representing all stakeholders in the card-based payments industry with a strong focus on the European Union and its Member States

5. Be part of a solution for your key stakeholders:

Be part of an association committed to contributing to a constructive conversation in a collaborative environment

6. Reach your stakeholders:

Benefit from a tailored communication and advocacy programme vis-à-vis EU institutions, key decision-makers, and other stakeholders

7. Have a voice in Brussels:

Benefit from a Public Affairs and Communications programme led out of Brussels, the centre of European decision-making

8. Informed decision-making:

Gain a deep understanding of how the newest payments policies may impact you, such as the European Commission’s latest European Retail Payments Strategy, which is paving the way for increased scrutiny and regulation in the payments and financial sector, enabling you to make informed business decisions

9. Membership resources:

Have access to a dedicated website and secretariat, allowing you and your team to save time and resources

10. Relevant events:

Take part in events organised by Payments Europe as a speaker or attendee, allowing you to interact with key stakeholders in the payments debate including EU officials, industry experts and media

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