Looking back:
The Future of Payments: Unlocking True Value

The payments sector is in constant evolution. Ever-increasing competition between brands and solutions is changing the payments landscape profoundly: mobile payments in Europe have tripled over the last three years and transactions in Europe are increasingly cashless, across the board. The EU plays a critical role in developing the appropriate policies to foster new and growing solutions, such as instant payments, open banking, and Digital Euro.

What do merchants and consumers prefer and prioritize when evaluating which payment options to use? What is driving the growth and diversification in digital payments? What’s the role of industry and government in driving change and how is it affecting consumers and merchants?

On October 12th Payments Europe released its newest research on merchant preference across Europe. Based on a survey of 1,560 European merchants, this new study provides insights into how the European payments landscape is evolving, how competition and costs are affecting payments acceptance, and what factors truly drive merchant preference.

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